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Prevent Isolation From Regional PSAP Operations

The trend towards consolidation of PSAP operations to reduce cost has created a much larger footprint of communities served by a single site. The tradeoff to the new efficiency of scale is that many more outlying communities risk being isolated from access to the PSAP by local central office outages or isolations. The occurrence of such outages far outnumbers that of total PSAP isolation events.

Connected-Community restores mission-critical voice communications and data services for law enforcement, other public safety responders, public works and key civic personnel in your local community. This is achieved using surviving Internet connectivity or, where there is no terrestrial communications infrastructure or where the existing infrastructure has been compromised or damaged, satellite. The solution also ensures voice communications with a defined set of mobile users, with priority of access to the services governed by the supervisory responsibility of the community or the urgency of the need.

How Connected-Community Works

When a town or village becomes isolated, Connected-Community leverages an alternative infrastructure strategy across multiple and varying networks according to your defined system scope and priorities. Depending on the system configuration, Connected-Community can provide non-terrestrial infrastructure access to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks and Internet.

Connected-Community applies the same Teleira best practices for restoring communications as utilized across our entire portfolio of continuity solutions, Resilient911 and VoiceShield. Our three step strategy incorporates: Diversion (1) of incoming calls around the failure point, real-time, adaptable Control (2) of the diverted calls, and exhaustion of all possible means to Deliver (3) live calls to the originally intended parties, and if unsuccessful attempt a succession of options with final fail-over to voicemail and/or recorded announcements. The result is robust communications – able to keep your community connected during any outage.

Three Connected-Community Configurations


Voice service is primary and fundamental to communications. Connected-Community Voice (CCV) can interface to any PBX connected to the isolated End Office using our patented TRIAD network appliance. Using surviving Internet connectivity or satellite uplink, CCV re-establishes telephony communication. (1) All functioning landline phones connected to the End Office can call the regional 911 center via an alternative 10-digit number. (2) Authorized dial-out access to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) will enable critical first responders, public officials and public works to communicate outside the affected community to coordinate mutual aid from neighboring communities, etc. (3) The Connected-Community cloud can direct inbound calls to land line, VOIP or cell phones.


Expand the voice communications recovery. Connected-Community Net (CCN) configurations can incorporate commercially available point-to-point wireless network components. This enables inter-building Private Branch Exchange (PBX) extensions, which can provide voice telecommunications to key personnel at secondary locations that may be isolated from any terrestrial infrastructure to the local End Office and (4) Connected-Community Voice installation.


According to the National Institute of Justice, “Broadband communications offer the potential for greater efficiencies and new capabilities in day-to-day operations, response to critical incidents, and management of major events.” 1 Connected-Community LTE (CCLTE) supports the realization of this potential. (5) CCLTE enables LTE access via commercially available LTE network extenders (Femtocells) connected to our patented TRIAD network appliance and the Connected-Community cloud. Each Femtocell can support from four to six cell phones depending on the carrier, and will cover a typical community call center, firehouse, police department, or government office.


  • Outage Support – 24 X 7 X 365 access number with rapid response.

  • Subscription-based license agreement, no cost updates/upgrades.

  • On-line user training.

Industry Specific Consulting

  • Compliance Assistance – Some industries, clients or director boards require specific disaster plans. We can help ensure that your plan meets your specific requirements and provide hard copies for compliance purposes.

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