Telecom Partner Program - Teleira
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All agents need to realize that Teleira solutions apply to EVERY customer. VoiceShield products are an ADD-ON, not a replacement. Voice system backup and recovery is essential and no other provider can cover all telecom vulnerabilities like Teleira. Josh Lupresto

VP of Sales Engineering, CarrierSales

Earn Great Evergreen Commissions – Apply Now

As a member of the Teleira Partner Program, you gain access to our enterprise-class product portfolio to supplement your own solutions and earn outstanding evergreen commissions. Features include:

  • Cloud – Disaster Recovery as a Service – Enhance business continuity, contingency and mitigation with virtual PBX infrastructure-as-a-service to answer, control and deliver calls to anywhere, from anywhere.

  • Broadband – Incorporate fiber optic, LTE, Internet, all IP networks into a diverse facilities strategy to create your customer’s own multi-path telecommunications infrastructure.

  • Non-terrestrial Backup Networks – When there is not a line or network alive, a high orbit satellite link keeps the entire enterprise connected to the public telephone network.

  • Advanced Communication – Improve organizational agility and enable timely exchange of critical information with efficient communications and collaboration tools.